My Music Mania

McKenzie’s music mix well this week we have been entering three different songs into audacity. It has been an awesome project. my awesome three songs were “solo”, “replay”, and “look at me now” all by “IYAZ”:)

I am giving credit to the following:”

“Iyaz – Look At Me Now.” YouTube. Web. 4 May 2010. <>.

“Iyaz – Replay [OFFICIAL VIDEO] .” YouTube. Web. 4 May 2010.

Iyaz – Solo (Official Video) .” YouTube. Web. 4 May 2010.



well for my google sketchup I am building a skate board bowl ramp. It is pretty awesome(If I must say).I chose to build what I was building because it’s what interests me and what got my attention. The most didfficult part of my project would have to be dragging the “follow me tool” around, that was a pain in the butt!lol.


Hola seniors, Over spring break I went to Las Vagas.It was pretty AWESOME.When we were in vagas we did everything there like, swim, and shop, and we also went to circus circus:)It was a blast.I was so excited to be coming home,but when we got back it was freezing cold):

What is my dream job???

My dream job is to be a professional basketball player for the Lakers:) This is my dream job because basketball is my life and it has always been my dream to play for the Lakers.I love basketball because i’m the athletic type and always have to be playing basketball if I were to be a professional basketball player for the lakers id get paid 2,000 a month:)

Top 10 things I love too do!

10.hang in the snow

Snowboarding rocks! basketball

Go lakers

8.go to the movies with my friends

haha good times:)


It’s my life football



play football



(inside the lines that is)

3.cut hair

my dream


best subject



(i’m the life of it all=D)